Standing at the mirror, un-noticed at the foot
Of the bed I was lied in.
Lay me down, in the sheets that I,
Could tell you the truth in, yet grit my teeth.
Lay in the blood from claw deep scratches
From either of you

History repeats itself

There you are, on the cusp of capricorn
You undecided, more than you decide
Here I am, your failed scorpion
With a broken sting and your eyes in the back

Your goat horns stab into
Red pouring thick onto olive green sheets
Separate hooves trampling my grey.

I always repeat myself
Borderline repeats me.

I can't tell my selves apart
So how do I tell you two apart?
Same goats, same ghosts here to haunt me.
You on the cusp, you on the outside
And me, me on the border

I'll tear my selves apart
And repeat myself in halves.


from The Week That Was, released January 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Bats & Battleships Newcastle, Australia

Bats & Battleships are an Australian post-hardcore band formed in Newcastle, NSW, 2009. Band members are guitarist Jason Breen, bassist Chelsea Feneley, vocalist Nikki Fitzsummons and drummer Dylan McCrae.

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