The Week That Was

by Bats & Battleships

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All Music by Bats & Battleships
Lyrics by Jason Breen

Produced, recorded and mixed by Oh, Silence
Mastered by Michael Sale

Special thanks to Michael Gale, Daniel Lambert, Jacob Hegarty, Vanessa McCurry, Beau Charman, Scott Jobson & Andrew Clipsham for all the help over the past year, whether it be lugging gear, taking photos, lending equipment or fixing Jason's broken guitars.

Additional thanks to Leila McCrae, Keegan Reed & Brendan Wilson for putting up with the noise, pain and general stress we were all under.


released January 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Bats & Battleships Newcastle, Australia

Bats & Battleships are an Australian post-hardcore band formed in Newcastle, NSW, 2009. Band members are guitarist Jason Breen, bassist Chelsea Feneley, vocalist Nikki Fitzsummons and drummer Dylan McCrae.

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Track Name: A Toast
So, here we are, the five of us.
The anniversary, of self fed misery
A toast, to soiled bed sheets, and soiled friendships
A toast to you, me, them, us and all that we have shared

God, I'm horrible
But if I didn't have a finger to point or a tongue to fork
Tell me, would I be inadmissable?

Was it worth it?
Was my finger just long enough?
Or was my tongue laced with gold?
A metallic tang on your pierced lip

A toast, to the copious times a foot wedges in my door
And how I always seem to let you bite my ear
And make it all go away

Look at this Rorschach, tell me what you see?
I see body parts, fragmented and joined in two
Look at this Rorschach, tell me. What do you see?

So, I raise my glass, go hunt mother
Redeem yourself beyond blue lens
And I say to you, go find the one
You're never going to find it, here again.
Track Name: On The Cusp
Standing at the mirror, un-noticed at the foot
Of the bed I was lied in.
Lay me down, in the sheets that I,
Could tell you the truth in, yet grit my teeth.
Lay in the blood from claw deep scratches
From either of you

History repeats itself

There you are, on the cusp of capricorn
You undecided, more than you decide
Here I am, your failed scorpion
With a broken sting and your eyes in the back

Your goat horns stab into
Red pouring thick onto olive green sheets
Separate hooves trampling my grey.

I always repeat myself
Borderline repeats me.

I can't tell my selves apart
So how do I tell you two apart?
Same goats, same ghosts here to haunt me.
You on the cusp, you on the outside
And me, me on the border

I'll tear my selves apart
And repeat myself in halves.
Track Name: 47°
Glisten, the sweat on your thigh
It brings me back

Primal, this heat can't keep me away
A leg parts off to the side
It forces me, reach out

This heat, reels me in
It reels me in

Calloused onto smooth
Bumps on the thigh
A whimpered call
A deep let sigh

Picked up, thrown down, so raw, so real

French lace, the finest of shackles
Tie me up and keep me here

We lose all of ourselves
We sweat pure instinct
Lucid pillow underarm
Track Name: Your Jacket Pocket
This room never felt like home anyway
Boxes piled up in the same space as unpacked

Just like the notes in your jacket pocket
Stuffed and forgotten, to be remembered another day
A wall with frames
A cat crying out in hunger
A single bed that was never removed
A bike with legs was meant to build a home
Instead a cell of circumstance and misread signs

These legs couldn't carry me anymore
The mind weighed down by the things that were never said
They will be just like the notes in your jacket pocket
Stuffed and forgotten, and never seen again

Your jacket pocket has swallowed me whole
Track Name: Backdating Karma
They say that a man can redeem himself
Showing your bare skin, I think they are right
They say that a man can be forgiven
Your hand slides down, I think they are right
Clearly I am the luckiest man alive
Karma's paying out and mine dates back, but

They say that a man can forget himself
With this twice gone I guess they are right
I say to myself if I was anymore weak
I would not know my own reflection

They say that a man can be forsaken
With your back turned sharply
I know they are right
They say that a man cam be forgotten
But after years and you still scream my name to all those who will listen

Spit out more venom
Pass on the cold shoulder once more
And take away my validity
Opportunity strikes in friends and weaker minds

Raise up those fangs
And drive them deep into the backs of those you control
Try your best to take me down again

What makes a man one of the same?
Track Name: Recreational Gaslighting
This mouth spits vines
And salivates at the thought of breeding fake time
This mouth spits vines
Gnawing at itself to get a taste of what lies ahead

And you treat it like a sport
Your words take control as they reach the ear
And you treat it like a sport
A point for every time you force a shift in my eye

And I treat it with my life
Every word striking me with the force of a lash
And I treat it with my life
Syllables being ripped clean from my throat

These vines ooze lies
Wrap around the arms and legs leaving you paralysed

Don't fear your words
Just because you can't remember them
Don't fear these words
You'll never forget them

These vines, these lies
Tighten their grip around the limb
These vines, these lies
Rip the flesh clean from the bone
Track Name: Hunting The Great White
There's nothing more in sight
There's nothing more I can see
Even in the dreams I had
When I knew not of this beast

Only the fire in your eyes
And my future drowned at sea

I've navigated this sinking ship
Across the globe for the fourth time
Each time around I've battled you
Sometimes being victorious
But this time, I've been waiting
I have prepared myself
I'm going to encounter you, one last time
Baiting you with precious words
And feelings of security
Wearing you down, drawing me in
Closer, closer.
It lends itself to the launching of harpoons
It sticks in your neck marked as a passionate kiss
So throw cross this net
Disguised as a warm embrace

Then it pulls away
Flailing violently across the ocean
Ripping me clean off my ship, sinking ship behind me
Holding on for dear life as it pulls me into the deep

I go back to the one I almost caught.
Track Name: Never Touch Anything
Curve my palm around your neck
Fingers through your hair
Your soul leaps from your breath

Fingertips on my teeth
They connect and let me hear your thoughts
As our atoms push against themselves

We never really touch anything anyway
Thin layers separate us all from everything.